Americafest at RiverTime RV: A Celebration of America’s 247th Birthday

Americafest at RiverTime RV: A Celebration of America’s 247th Birthday

The Americafest celebration in Van Buren was a resounding success, marking America’s 247th birthday with a weekend filled with entertainment and fun. Despite a brief interruption from severe weather, the event delighted attendees with its lineup of talented performers and a spectacular fireworks display.

Despite a severe thunderstorm on Saturday evening, the night kicked off with an energetic performance by Sutherland & Smith, setting the stage for the eagerly awaited headline act, Rick McEwen. Rick put on an impressive show, leaving the audience awestruck at his talents (and his likeness in form and music to Kenny Rogers). The night was filled with music and excitement, creating a memorable experience for all.

A Weekend of Entertainment

The postponement of the fireworks to Sunday only extended the fun. Folks turned out again and enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate America’s birthday a little longer. Sunday evening saw Sutherland & Smith and Friends take the stage once again, and as darkness fell, Freedom Patch Fireworks illuminated the sky, providing a dazzling display that symbolized the patriotic theme of the weekend’s celebrations. The fireworks served as a fitting tribute to America’s heritage and brought the event to a grand finale.

Thank You to the Contributors!

Americafest owes its success to the generous support of sponsors like Jolly Cone, The Ranch House, Jolly Burger, and RiverTime RV. Their contributions made it possible to offer a variety of activities, entertainment, and delicious food to attendees. The collaboration between local businesses and organizations played a vital role in creating a vibrant and enjoyable community celebration.

RiverTime RV invites everyone to stay tuned to this website for announcements of upcoming activities. Their commitment to organizing exceptional events ensures that there will be more opportunities to come together and enjoy the festivities. Whether you are a local or a visitor passing through, keeping an eye on RiverTime RV’s updates will ensure you don’t miss out on the next exciting event.

Looking Ahead

Americafest 2023 in Van Buren proved to be a successful celebration of America’s 247th birthday, offering a weekend filled with entertainment and a strong sense of community. From the captivating musical performances to the breathtaking fireworks display by Freedom Patch Fireworks, the event showcased the spirit of patriotism and unity. The support of sponsors and the dedication of the organizers ensured a memorable experience for all attendees. As we look forward to future celebrations, stay tuned to to keep up to date on upcoming events that will continue to serve our customers and our community.

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